There Really Are No Secrets

Just Things Waiting To Be Revealed


from the desk of Paul McIntosh

 Dear Fellow Traveller,

If you've ended up here then the chances are pretty good you're looking. Looking for information, for answers, or just simply for something to open your mind a bit more.

I've found over the years that it often takes repeated phrasing of the same thing before it finally hits home.

From my own persoanl experience it took years of study before it all came together for me. Now I'm not saying I have all the answers, that would be more than just a little foolish, and I've made that mistake before.

What I do have for you here is a compilation of works that for me opened the doors and windows for me to be able to see in a clearer way. Explaining and putting into words an explanation of the nuiverse and how it works.

Judge Thomas Troward and Hermes Trismegistus. Trowards lectures and teachings are not long by any means but contain volumes of information.

Hermes the father of Alchemy and the writer of the Emerald Tablet. The three initiates wrote The Kybalion to share the Seven Laws of The Universe, as was passed down from the teachers of long ago.

So consider this my gift to you. No foprms to fill out right now, maybe another time. For now, just go ahead and download and read. 




Download here, just right click and choose "save as"